Pratham Srivastava – Candidate VP Programming

Hey all, My name is Pratham Srivastava and I’ll be running to be the VP Programming for the 2021-2022 year. I’m a third year sciences student, and I have been working with ISSS for two years now, with this current year being my second term as Director of Events. With these experiences under my belt, along with a thorough background involving event planning with other clubs on campus, I have a diverse skill set and varied experience that will certainly aid in streamlining and optimizing ISSS programming. My main goals include increasing the variety and frequency of events ISSS offers to science students, specifically in the regard of offering students different professional and academic experiences to aid in degree and career planning.  Additionally, I strive to promote unity and togetherness in the (more disconnnected than ever before) science student community with a healthy mixture of large-scale, department-wide events for all students to destress and smaller, cost-effective events catered to students that need short reprieves from the ever present struggles of academia. Vote for me on Mar. 17-18!