Rose He – Candidate Third Year Councillor

Hi friends!

My name is Rose and I’m a second year physiology student. As the current Director of Finance for ISSS, I was able to oversee ISSS spending and budget to ensure financial accountability to you. I truly enjoyed my experience and this upcoming year, I would like to represent YOUR voices! I know there’s a lot of uncertainty right now with covid and remote learning, so if elected as your Third Year Councillor, I will:

Continue ensuring ISSS is spending money on events that you care about. I’ll make sure that although we’re socially distant, we’ll have social events you’re interested in!

Advocate for more career oriented/skill development workshops so that you know what you can do with your degree, especially in such an uncertain time.

Keep you informed with what’s going with all the events ISSS is running. This also includes potentially developing a centralized monthly calendar/email to keep you informed with both ISSS and COSSA events so that you won’t miss anything.

Vote for Rose on March 17th & 18th!