Ramesh Mahdavifar – Candidate Fourth year Councillor

To whom it may concern, 

My name is Ramesh Mahdavifar and I am applying as a 4th year councillor. Here is a summary of my experiences, and why I believe I would be a great candidate for a Science councillor:

Hey all! My name is Ramesh and I’m in my third year, specializing in Psychology, and applying as a 4th year councillor. As SIHA’s Projects Manager, I’ve gained leadership and conflict resolution skills that would be a great asset for a councillor. Here, I lead and manage a team of 18 volunteers to create health based projects, such as Mental Health and Homelessness Awareness Campaigns. I am also the President of the ALS Student Association; by interviewing people who have ALS, the under-represented community was able to have a voice and share their story. I have acquired communication and public speaking skills as a Director of Education for MS, Science Fundamentals volunteer, and Pecha Kucha speaker. I would like to ambitiously take part in raising mental health awareness on campus, providing more research opportunities for undergraduate students, and creating a more engaging university transition for science students during COVID. Vote for me and I will help utilize our passions together to better the future of science students at the University of Alberta! 

Kind regards,