Alisha Banerji

Alisha Banerji is a third year Biology major with a minor in Linguistics. This past year with ISSS
she acted as the Director of Academic Programming, planning the Instructors’ Appreciation
Night – one of the largest events held by ISSS. Within ISSS, she is also one of third year
councilors and a member of the finance committee. Outside of ISSS and academics, she is the
Vice President of Communications within the University of Alberta Fencing Club, and part of Ask
An Undergrad – an organization aimed to help high school students ease into university life.
She joined ISSS to advocate for underrepresented student groups and departments within the
Faculty of Science. Now having a more in-depth view of ISSS, she strives to promote their
resources, increase ISSS’ engagement with newer students and help make ISSS’ services and
volunteering opportunities more widely accessible. She aims to expand student representation
and incorporate more of your ideas in decision-making at ISSS, and create a bigger community
within the Faculty of Science.