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Science Week 2017!

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ScienceWeek 2017 Poster

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GovWeek: Shaping Science Student Leaders

An ISSS GovWeek session on student governance in the Faculty of Science | Sep. 19th, 5PM - 6:30PM, CCIS L1-160 | Free pizza
Do you want to shape Faculty events, advocate for students in your Department, or review proposed changes to tuition fees? Are you
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Microtalks in Science

Hoping to get involved with research? Need to impress your friends with some serious knowledge in STEM areas? Do you regularly marvel at how great our world and the universe is?

We highly recommend you to attend the Microtalks Event

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Instructor Appreciation Night- January 20th, 2015

Nominate a professor or teaching assistant you have had in the Faculty of Science, here at the U of A! Recognize their handwork and also be invited to the event to help us recognize these awesome instructors! Fill out the …
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Science Graduation 2014 Tickets are available!

Tickets for June 10th are now available for reservation!

This year, the Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society is proud to present the first annual Science Graduation Banquet, funded with the help of Sci5! On Tuesday, June 10th 2014, following the Faculty …

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Science Week Draw

What is the Science Week draw?

To encourage participation at all major Science Week (SW) events, we have created a SW stamp card. The card, shown below, lists six major events that are happening throughout the week of Feb 3rd-7th. …

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Science Week Conference

From the miraculous inventions to the life-saving technologies and discoveries, science has changed the way we live our lives today. Have you ever paused to think about some of the side-effects that science has had on human civilization? The atomic …

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Science Week!

The ISSS is hosting Science Week from February 3 to 7, 2014 – an event that works to foster community building within the Science faculty. The events taking place during Science Week are open to all science students, and work …

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Fac-Off Registration

Fac-Off is Science Week’s own gladiator competition, with teams of up to 5 participants as they participate in tests of brain, brawn, and absolute hilarity. This week-long competition is comprised of a variety of challenges, including a brain-busting science in …

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Graduation Committee

Attention graduating Science students of 2014!

Are you interested in helping the ISSS organize a graduation banquet for your fellow graduates and family members? The ISSS is looking for enthusiastic individuals to help us create a memorable graduation this year! …

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