COSSA, Council of Science Student Association, are a collection of science student groups which include departmental and program associations and other science related student groups. This is a valuable way for ISSS to receive guidance how to better represent science students and the groups which they are part of

Kelechi Abara

VP Community, ISSS

Get the most out of your University of Alberta Science education by getting involved with your fellow students. Joining clubs help you learn to work in groups, develop leadership skills, and allows you to learn from other students.

As a science student, you have many opportunities to learn, grow, and discover new areas of interest. For starter, the time you invest in finding the group that’s right for you is well worth it. Or check out BearsDen, to find any other clubs, groups at University of Alberta. 

IMINSA – Immunology and Infection Students’ Association Represents students in the Immunology and Infection Honors/Specialization programs and facilitates community engagement on issues pertaining to immunology and infection. Contact: [email protected]
MBSA – Molecular Biology Student Association For undergraduate and graduate students interested in molecular biology. Contact: [email protected]
OBS – Organization of Botany Students For undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about plants. Contact: [email protected]
UofAPS – University of Alberta Paleontological Society Strive to promote understanding and interest in all fields of palaeontology, systematics and evolution.
Contact: [email protected]
University of Alberta Chapter of The Wildlife Society For students interested in current topics in wildlife science. Provide educational opportunities and prepare student members for a future in the wildlife profession. Contact: [email protected]
Zoomaniacs – Animal Biology  Organize & facilitate academic and social events for students in Animal Biology programs and for general Biological Science students. Contact: [email protected]


CSA – Chemistry Students’ Association To connect students in chemistry with other students, faculty, industry, and other resources to make the most of their experience at the University of Alberta. Contact: [email protected]


UACS – Undergraduate Association of Computing Science Represent the students of Computing Science with the Department of Computing Science. All students registered in a CMPUT course are member of UACS and eligible to run for most executive positions. Contact: [email protected]


P.S. Warren Undergraduate Geological Society For students interested in geology. Contact: [email protected]


MSS – Mathematical Sciences Society For undergraduate students interested in mathematics.
Contact: [email protected]


UPS – Undergraduate Physics Society Work to improve the experience of undergraduate students in all the degree programs that are related to physics.


UPA – Undergraduate Psychology Association Inform students about psychology and potential career opportunities. Contact: [email protected]
NSA – Neuroscience Students’ Association Fosters the undergraduate neuroscience community at the University of Alberta. A resource base for socials, volunteer opportunities, and academic contacts, among other things. Contact:
[email protected]
Science FUNdamentals Volunteer to promote interest in science to elementary school students using exciting in-class demos. The organization is driven by students who have a passion for learning & community. Contact:
[email protected]
University of Alberta Nanotechnology Group Engages students in a variety of nano-related activities – design projects, outreach programs, academic research, entrepreneurial pursuits and networking with local industry. Contact:
[email protected]
TeamUP Science TeamUP Science is run by a team of passionate University of Alberta students. From STEAM-based competitions, to workshops, to classroom talks that take place in schools all across Alberta, the executive team of TeamUP Science plans, advertises, and host events that inspire youth in the fields of STEM.