Dawood Ahmed

Hi, I’m Dawood Ahmed, and I’m running to be your VP Programming. If I’m elected, I vow to work
diligently to ameliorate what it means for you to be a science student at the UofA! I plan on
achieving this goal by implementing the following platform points. Firstly I would like to increase
the diversity of ISSS events. As the director of events this year I was responsible for organizing
unique events such as the Fall Carnival, and I want to continue creating opportunities for
community engagement and rewards by organizing different types of events such as fun online
and in-person gaming events. Secondly, I plan on improving communication by organizing a
public discord for all faculty of science members where you can find upcoming events and
engage with other services offered by ISSS. Finally, I plan on listening to you. Through surveys
and the aforementioned discord, I plan on hearing from science students directly and making an
effort to implement suggestions, resolve concerns, and make the changes that will better your
life as a student!