The ISSS is hosting Science Week from February 3 to 7, 2014 – an event that works to foster community building within the Science faculty. The activities taking place during Science Week are open to all science students, and work to engage students by having activities that run throughout week at various times. This year’s Science Week will be expanded with the addition of academic activities and more events that allow for greater participation and input from students.


Science Week Draw

What is the Science Week draw?

To encourage participation at all major SW events, we have created a SW stamp card. The card, shown below, lists six major events that are happening throughout the week. By being present at these events, you can earn a stamp which can be exchanged for a ballot in our draw. Three stamps will get you your first ballot, and any additional stamps earned on top of that will get you additional ballots in a 1:1 ratio.

Front of Science Week stamp card
Back of Science Week stamp card
What does it mean to be “present” at these events?

Some stamps are easier to earn than others. Here are the necessary conditions:


  • Lab Tours [MON, FEB 3, 5-7PM]: Be present at the lab tours. Stamps will be given out by the end of the evening during the free pizza dinner.
  • Discover Science [TUES, FEB 4, 10-4PM]: Simply show up at Discover Science at any time in between your classes and stay for any period of time. Stamps can be collected from the ISSS volunteers at our info table (this will replace the existing Instructor Appreciation Night Stamp, we apologize for this mistake).
  • PD Conference [TUES, FEB 4, 5-8PM]: Be present for the duration of the conference. Stamps will be given out towards the end of the evening by ISSS volunteers.
  • SW Conference [FRI, FEB 7, 5-8PM]: Be present for the duration of the conference. Stamps will be given out towards the end of the evening by ISSS volunteers.
  • Wrap-Up Party [FRI, FEB 7, 9:30PM]: Simply show up at Dewey’s on Friday evening after 9:30PM and stay for as long as you wish. Stamps will be given out by volunteers at the event.
  • Fac-Off [Throughout the week]: If you are a member of a Fac-Off team, you can get a stamp at any time in the ISSS office. If you are a science student, just attend and watch/cheer any Fac-Off challenge, and a volunteer present can give you a stamp. Visit the Fac-Off page to check out the times for each Fac-Off challenge.

Who can participate?

Any undergraduate science student with the exception of ISSS Executives and Councillors.

Where do I pick up a stamp card?

Visit the ISSS office (CCIS 1-150) or find us tabling around science buildings on M/W/F from 10AM-1PM to get your stamp card!

Where do I exchange for ballots?

Ballots can be exchanged in the ISSS office (CCIS 1-150) anytime during our regular office hours (9AM-4PM). Ballots may also be exchanged at any of our major events, provided that you have already collected three stamps on your card.

When’s the deadline?

Last day to exchange stamps for ballots or to enter ballots for the draw is Wednesday Feb 12th, 2014 at 4:00P.M.

What’s the prize?

The grand prize is a brand new 16GB Apple iPad Mini!



Lab Tours

(Monday February 3rd, 5-7PM, CCIS)

Ever thought about how researchers in the Faculty of Science work to solve our contemporary and global problems? Considered getting involved in research yourself? What all those reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry actually do for us? Well, the ISSS is organizing lab tours for the first 100 Science undergraduates that sign up. We’ll give you a chance to sample a number of different research groups in the different Science departments, from ecology and evolution in the Proctor group to Believable Characters and Stories in Video games with Dr. Szafron. Starting at 5 pm on February 3rd as part of the opening Science Week activities, we’ll spend an hour and a half touring research groups and giving you a better idea about what you can do with a Bachelor’s in Science. To RSVP, please click here.


Discover Science Resource Fair

(Tuesday February 4th, 10AM – 3PM, PCL Lounge)

You’re offered a lot of different chances and opportunities throughout your undergraduate degree, though you might be surprised to see how many options await you upon graduation for career prospects. The Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society is hosting its annual Discover Science academic resource fair on February 4th from 10am – 3pm, showcasing a variety of different organizations that may appeal to the undergraduate science community. A number of faculties, departments, services, student groups, and academic resource centres have been invited so to interact and connect with over 6400 undergraduate science students.


Professional Development Conference

(Tuesday February 4th, 5-8PM, CCIS L1-140)

The Professional Development Conference hosted at this this year’s annual Science Week is an opportunity for undergraduate science students to strengthen their understanding of career-related resources, expand their professional networking horizons, and be inspired to make the most of their undergraduate degrees. The three-hour conference will encompass a multitude of activities from visiting speakers, dynamic workshops and a complementary dinner. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of the conference enables students to exchange their ideas and expertise in professional development. To RSVP, please click here.


Instructor Appreciation Night

(Thursday February 6th, 6:30 – 9:00PM, The Faculty Club)

Join us in the Saskatchewan room of the Faculty Club to recognize the dedication of professors, faculty lecturers, and teaching assistants who have been personally nominated by students. Come and celebrate the excellence in teaching and devotion to student success that makes these instructors truly outstanding. Get the chance to mingle with instructors and faculty members while enjoying the refreshments that will be provided. Dress code is business casual. A cash bar will be open. Contact [email protected] or visit the Instructor Appreciation Night page for more information.


Science Week Conference

(Friday February 7th, 5-8PM, CCIS)

From the miraculous inventions to the life-saving technologies and discoveries, science has changed the way we live our lives today. Have you ever paused to think about some of the side-effects that science has had on human civilization? The atomic bomb, the horrific experiments conducted during the Holocaust, the environmental wreckage caused by oil and resource extractions – how do we regulate science so that these detrimental consequences are minimized? For the first ever Science Week Conference, the topic for discussion is “Ethics in Science”. We have invited several panelists from different fields of science, each bringing you their own perspective on the current intertwining relationship between ethics and science. There are no costs associated with this conference, and dinner is included. If this is an issue of interest to you, check out the Science Week Conference page for more information. RSVPs will be made available after the winter holidays!



(Throughout the week)

Fac-Off is Science Week’s own gladiator competition, with teams of up to 5 participants as they participate in tests of brain, brawn, and absolute hilarity. This week-long competition is comprised of a variety of challenges, including a brain-busting science in pop culture trivia, adrenaline-inducing obstacle courses, and also an exciting photo scavenger hunt! In addition, this year, lip dub music videos, which will be created by the teams, will play a part in determining the ultimate victors of Fac-Off. Here are some things worthy participants would know: how much a centrifuge costs, what Dr. Gregory House’s greatest problem was, and how to walk around in snow with a blindfold attached. We will also be awarding SPIRIT POINTS for participants and undergraduate students for embracing the spirit of Fac-Off, so come one, come all, and witness your fellow undergrads battle it out for bragging rights and fantastic prizes!


Visit the Fac-Off page for more information.

Any questions? Feel free to email our Science Week Director Anthony Wu at [email protected]!