Huzaifah Umarji

Communication and support between the various groups within the Faculty of Science is paramount for the smooth functioning of the ISSS. My name is Huzaifah Umarji, I am a 3rd year sciences student. I aim to be the intermediary for the ISSS by running as VP Community. My goal is to have effective communication between different groups within the Faculty of Science, hearing their voices along with expressing the views of the ISSS.
I am currently the director of external for MSSS. The MSSS educates the public on different factors of Multiple Sclerosis, and hosts fundraisers to donate proceeds to the MS Society of Canada. The objective of the external team is to build relationships with other organizations and synthesize partnerships.
While external communications are important for the ISSS, it is impossible to demonstrate the views of the ISSS to the student body without adequate communication within the organization. I aim to be an effective liaison within ISSS, in addition to listening to the desires of the general student body.