Parinika Pal

What up! I’m Parinika and I’m running to be one of your second-year councilors! 

Transparency is crucial to me, and as your potential representative, I must confess that I had no idea what ISSS even was until recently. I think it’s unfortunate that despite being the largest faculty organization, most people aren’t even aware of ISSS’s role. I intend to change that by promoting ISSS and ensuring it provides noticeable services for students like us. Furthermore, the current lack of awareness of ISSS may be attributed to the organization’s services not being sufficient to justify the associated costs. Thus, I aim to contribute to better budgeting and cost-effective services that students want. For instance, I will prioritize funding for initiatives related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and mental health, since I feel there is little support or stress relief for struggling students other than the wellness packages ISSS does around exam time. If the enhanced representation of the science student body appeals to you, vote for me (Parinika) this March 8th & 9th!