Students present a unique and valuable perspective on the University environment. The ISSS is responsible for appointing passionate science students to committees that make decisions at the Faculty level.

Science Faculty Council

The Science Faculty Council (SFC) is the highest governing body in the Faculty of Science! The ISSS is appointing 6 Undergraduate Science Students to be Student Representatives with 6 other ISSS representatives for the 2013-2014 Term. If you want to make a difference and get your voice heard today, email [email protected] for more information! Applications will be available in late July.

Biological Sciences Departmental Council

The Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta is governed by a
Department Council, the Biological Sciences Departmental Council (BSDC). The BSDC has a number of
responsibilities that oversee numerous aspects of the Department, and has four (4) undergraduate seats available every year.

If you are a student in an Honors or Specialization program under the Department of Biological Sciences, send in your application to [email protected] for the valuable experience! Applications will be available in early August.

Excellent Teaching Awards Committee

Each year the Faculty of Science provides teaching awards to a select few professors. The committee that makes this decision meets once in March, and the ISSS appoints two undergraduate representatives. Send a brief summary of why you’re interested in sitting on this committee to [email protected]. Applications will be available in late November.

Science Faculty Appeals Committee

Three undergraduate students are appointed to this Committee by the ISSS, which deals with appeals heard from Science undergraduates. Faculty and Department regulations are considered when ruling on each case. For an opportunity to represent your peers on issues that directly affect their academics, please contact [email protected]. Applications will be available late in the Winter 2014 term.