Directors are volunteers with the ISSS that are responsible for managing specific projects. Working closely with Executives, Directors develop, improve and support initiatives, get to learn about the ISSS and interact with other Directors, volunteers and Executives, and at the end of the year, will contribute tangibly and positively to the experience of science students.

The deadline for 2019-2020 Directorships is April 1, 2019. Submit your applications to [email protected] (email submissions only)! The list of available directorships are listed below, along with the executive portfolio they fall under, but you can also navigate through the drop-down menus below for descriptions of duties.

  • President
    • Creative Outreach
    • Executive Administration
    • Internal Relations
    • Science Governance
  • Academic
    • Academic Programming
    • Mini Study Groups
    • Professional Development
    • Student Representation
  • Administration/Finance
    • Administration
    • Finance
    • Membership Fees
    • Web Design
    • External Relations
  • Community
    • Volunteers
    • Design
    • Marketing
    • Public Relations
    • Council of Science Students’ Association(COSSA)
    • Photography
    • Newsletter
  • Programming
    • Science Week
    • Graduation
    • Orientation/FROST
    • Events Outreach
    • Athletics
    • Video Director/Media
  • Services
    • Locker Rentals
    • Mentorship
    • Used Book Sale
    • Handbook
    • Resources
Apply to be a Director now!

Fill out the directorship form above and send it to [email protected] (email submissions only). For more information on the directorship, read the descriptions listed below. The current available directorships are also listed inside the application form.


Please click on the below headings to view the available directorships:

Director of Executive Administration

The Director provides administrative support for the President and the ISSS Executive as a whole, as well as other individual Executives as requested by them. While not required, the selected candidate shall demonstrate strong written communication skills and attention to detail.


  • Creates ISSS quarterly report by consulting with ISSS Executives and Councillors
  • Provide support during Semi-Annual General Meetings and Elections
  • Assist in the creation of the ISSS annual
  • Assisting the President in the planning of the Semi-Annual General Meetings.


  • Preferably an elected ISSS Councillor, since the nature of this position requires an individual who regularly attends Council Meetings.

Director of Internal Relations

The Director spearheads initiatives to create, maintain and improve a positive working environment among the ISSS’s Executive, Councillors, Directors and volunteers.  The Director will demonstrate energy, the ability to motivate a team, and the understanding of importance of informal interactions among a team. They will demonstrate the managerial capacity to support developing leaders.


  • Running the annual house competition
  • Organizing recognition activities, celebrations or social events.
  • Managing the Internal Relations Committee

Director of Science Governance

The Director  observes and reviews the ISSS’s governance structure, highlighting weaknesses that limit growth as well as suggesting amendments that improve the ISSS’s ability to govern. The interested candidate shall demonstrate a keen passion for governance and politics, strong interpersonal skills, and ability to work with a team.


  • Increasing student awareness of governance within the Faculty of Science
  • Educating students of representative roles via Science Elections and Governance Days (SEG Days).
  • Leading the Constitutional Review Committee in broad and specific discussion of the governing documents of the ISSS.

Director of Creative Outreach

This Directorship involved collaborating other student groups and administration on campus, in order to demonstrate ISSS’ presence during campus-wide events. 


  • Collaborating and organizing events for Science Literacy Week and Health Week
  • Student outreach, including creating care packages during exam season, and engaging science students on a frequent and consistent basis.


Director of Academic Programming

The Director will be implementing programs and organizing events to improve campus community and student experience.


  • Organizing the annual Instructor Appreciation Night, coordinated with the Academic Advocacy Team.
  • Organizing an Academic Survey to gain feedback on ISSS events and services to be presented to the Faculty of Science

 Director of Mini Study Groups

The Director will coordinate Mini-Study Groups, a 5-10 person study group for first and second year Science courses that is led by a more experienced mentor.


  • Recruiting and training MSG mentors
  • Creating a schedule for each semester’s sessions
  • Sustaining/increasing the student enrollment and mentor involvement in the program

Director of Professional Development

The Director will act as a hub between science students and professional resources like career forums, resume workshops, and events pertaining to employment or graduate studies opportunities.


  • Planning at least two professional development conferences
  • Liaising with CAPS and other groups
  • Coordinating PD-related workshops for Science Week and other ISSS events where possible

Director of Student Representation

The Director is responsible for establishing the Biological Sciences Departmental Association (BSDA), which is currently still in the planning stages.


  • Coordinating the formation of a constitution for the BSDA
  • Working to establish BSDA as an SGS student group
  • Establishing election policy for BSDA

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance (DF) will work with the Vice President Administration and Finance to oversee financial reviews, maintain transparent financial reporting, write grant applications, and ensure the financial accountability of the ISSS.


  • Chairing the Finance Committee to perform budget reviews of all ISSS proposals
  • Aiding the VPAF with regular cash register counts
  • Creating financial reports when requested


Director of Web Design

The Director of Web Design (DWD) will work with the Vice President Administration and Finance to oversee the Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society’s website. The Director should feel comfortable dealing with web interfaces.


  • Maintaining/improving overall web design, graphical design
  • Performing updates as necessary, and assisting the Services Directors in the upkeep of Service-specific websites.

Director of Membership Fees

The Director of Membership Fees (DMF) will be responsible for overseeing the progress and success of the Faculty Association Membership Fees. This will be a work-intensive position for the 2016-2017 year as the ISSS will be seeking to renew its FAMF in a referendum in March.


  • Responding to request for SCI 5 Opt Outs
  • Organizing the Awards Adjudication Committee (AAC) to distribute of the SCI 5 Scholarships and Professional Development Grants.
  • **Creating a marketing and organizational plan in preparation for our SCI 5 renewal referendum in March 2017.

Director of Administration

The Director of Administration (DA) will assist the Vice President Administration and Finance with organizational, administrative, and assembly duties.


  • Organizing office hour shifts and tracking office hours
  • Formatting meeting minutes
  • Maintaining and keeping an inventory of office supplies

Director of Volunteers

The Director of Volunteers (DV) recruits, trains, interviews and coordinates all volunteers.  They must possess efficient communication skills, be charismatic and able to inspire passion in a volunteer program of more than 100 students.


  • Recruiting volunteers via social media, Clubs Fair and other methods
  • Training and interviewing ISSS volunteers
  • Coordinating volunteer scheduling for ISSS events
  • Organizing a Volunteer Appreciation Night in March

Director of Design

The Director of Design is responsible for the development of posters for the marketing of various ISSS events and initiatives to the request of event coordinators within the ISSS. They are a key contact for event coordinators to look to, as posters are a pivotal medium for advertisement.


  • Creating/designing posters for ISSS events
  • Formulating document templates, banners, handbills and many other advertising mediums
  • Working in conjunction with the Director of Marketing to ensure designs are compatible with effective marketing
  • Where possible, coordinating photography volunteers and ensuring that photographers are attending all ISSS events


  • Have previous experience in working with design and design softwares

Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing (DM) works closely with the VPC and the Director of Design. They are responsible for developing marketing campaigns and strategies for various ISSS events and initiatives, being the main point of contact for event coordinators. They must have exceptional organizational skills, creativity and be efficient in communications.


  • Developing a marketing campaign for each initiative
  • Utilizing ISSS’s social networks to promote events.
  • Brainstorming creative ways to improve marketing and student outreach for ISSS events

Director of Public Relations

The Director publicizes and broadcasts upcoming announcements through short classroom presentations that reach a large part of the Science community. As a representative of the ISSS, the Director of Public Relations must command attention while exhibiting a outgoing, charismatic and approachable personality.


  • Coordinating classroom talks and presentations by the Public Relations Team and for major ISSS events
  • Motivating students during exam seasons with its Study Wizards and study kits.

Director of COSSA

The Director  works closely with CoSSA  groups(Council of Science Student Associations) and plays a key role in the development and bond of the Science community as a whole. The Director of COSSA must display exceptional communication skills and be outgoing, approachable and open-minded as a forthcoming leader.


  • Maintaining effective communication with CoSSA groups.
  • Managing CoSSA meetings and funding for these groups though granting applications.
  • Overlooking booking management of the PCL Lounge.

Director of Science Week

The Directors of Science Week (DSW) will be the main overseeing director of Science Week, an on-campus event that has various science-related activities throughout the week. The Director of Science Week should be a strong leader and enjoy working with others. Having previous experience in event planning is a major asset.


  • Creating a proposal, budget, and evaluation for the event
  • Creating a plan for the  management of volunteers and resources during the event

Director of Graduation

The Directors of Graduation (DOG) will be the main overseeing director of the Graduation Banquet which is an off-campus event for graduating science students.  The Director of Graduation should be a strong leader and enjoy working with others, previous event planning experience is an asset.


  • Creating a proposal, budget, and evaluation for the event
  • Creating a plan for the management of volunteers and resources during the event.

Director of Orientation/FROST

The Directors of Orientation (DOO) will be the main overseeing director of the annual ISSS Orientation for incoming students into the Faculty of Science as well as FROST which is a smaller Science-specific orientation which takes place in Mid-September. The Director of Orientation should be a strong leader and enjoy working with others, previous event planning experience is an asset


  • Creating a proposal, budget, and evaluation for the event
  • Creating a plan for the management of volunteers and resources during the event.
  • Assisting the Vice President Programming in the planning and implementation of Orientation BBQ.
  • Assisting with all other ISSS events throughout the year as directed by the Vice President Programming.

Director of Athletics

The Director organizes the ISSS’s multiple intramural teams. The Director of Athletics should have a passion for sports, enjoy working closely with people, and have proficient time management skills.


  • Training and supporting the captains of the ISSS teams, and ensuring the success of these teams.
  • Recruiting players through various forms of media and attending Intramural Unit Manager Meetings twice per semester.
  • Organizing discrete athletics events to support intramurals recruitment and Science-Student Health.


Director of Media

The Director organizes the ISSS’s video productions throughout the year.. The Director of Media should have a passion for producing, directing, and scripting promotional videos.


  • Direct and film an Orientation Video (to be screened on orientation day)
  • Direct and film an Graduation Video (to be screened on Graduation Banquet 2018)
  • Direct and film other promotional videos for events


  • Preferably owns filming equipment and editing software
  • Have previous experience in producing or directing media productions

Director of Locker Rentals

The Director of Lockers will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the locker rental system, the most important income source for the ISSS. This person should be organized, have good conflict-resolution skills, and be passionate about improving services for Science Students.


  • Maintaining and updating an efficient and accessible system for all students
  • Working to improve the locker rental experience.
  • Handling all locker complaints

Director of Mentorship

The Director of Mentorship Programs will be responsible for overseeing Peer Leaders, a one-on-one mentoring program to ease students’ transitioning into their first year.  This person should be passionate about improving the undergraduate experience, have excellent communication skills, and be interesting in developing fresh and innovate methods of communicating and reaching out to students.


  • Recruiting Peer Leaders
  • Interviewing, training and selecting peer leaders and matching peer leaders with students

Director of Used Book Sale

The Director will be responsible for organizing and overseeing all aspects of the semesterly Used Book Sale.


  • Organizing a Used Book Sale in the first month of each semester (September and January)
  • Maintaining/improving the current Used Book Sale database
  • Brainstorming and implementing ideas to improve book buyback

Director of Handbook

The Director  is responsible for all content, development, design, and distribution of the Science Specific Handbook in coordination with volunteers. The summer months (May-August) will be the busiest months for the Director so that the handbooks may be distributed in time for Orientation.


  • Designing the ISSS handbook.




The Director will serve from the date of appointment to the subsequent April 30.