COSSA (Council of Science Student Associations) is a collection of science-related student groups. It includes Departmental Associations, Program Associations, and student groups that relate to science and have mandates that are similar to the ISSS’ mandate. This body is a valuable way for the ISSS to receive guidance to better represent science students and the groups of which they are a part.

Getting involved with a science student group is a great way to make a closer link to your science degree. COSSA group contact information can be found below.

For more information on COSSA, contact Rowan French at [email protected].

COSSA Contact Information
Departmental Associations
Chemistry Students’ Association[email protected]Website
Undergraduate Association of Computing Science[email protected]Website
Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences Society[email protected]Website
Undergraduate Physics Society[email protected]Website
Undergraduate Psychology Association[email protected]Website
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Atmospheric Science Students[email protected]Website
Geography and Planning Student Society[email protected]Website
P.S. Warren Undergraduate Geological Society[email protected]Website
Biology Students’ Departmental Association[email protected]Website
Immunology and Infection Students’ Association[email protected]Website
Organization of Botany Students[email protected]Website
University of Alberta Palaeontological Society[email protected]Website
ZooManiacs[email protected]Website
Science-Related Student Groups
Ada’s Team[email protected]Website
Biochemistry Students’ Association[email protected]Website
Eureka! U of A Science Undergraduate Research Journal[email protected]Website
Neuroscience Students’ Association[email protected]Website
Pharmacology Students Association[email protected]Website
Pre-Medical Students’ Association[email protected]Website
Science FUNdamentals[email protected]Website
Undergraduate Physiology Students’ Association[email protected]Website
University of Alberta Chapter of the Wildlife Society[email protected]Website
University of Alberta Geophysics Undergraduate Society[email protected]Website
University of Alberta Women in Science and Engineering[email protected]Website