Granting Procedure

  • Granting decisions shall be carried out by a Granting Committee, to be created each year by the Vice President Community. Membership on the committee shall be comprised of:
    • Three (3) executives of COSSA member organizations
    • One (1) member of the ISSS who is not an executive of COSSA member organizations
    • One (1) Faculty of Science staff member
    • The Vice President Administration and Finance of the ISSS
    • The Director or designate of Student Group Services (non-voting)
    • The Vice President Community of the ISSS (non-voting)
    • The Director of COSSA of the ISSS
  • Members of the COSSA will receive a response to their Granting Application within three weeks of the application deadline.
  • If funding is denied, a written explanation will be given to the applicant groups by the Vice President Community.
  • Decisions of the Granting Committee are final.

Reporting Guidelines

  • Within one (1) month of completing the activity in an initiatives grant or receiving the money in a resource grant, the COSSA Member will be required to submit to the VPC a report. This report shall outline:
    • The costs associated with the item(s) or event, including receipts or invoices that were not available at the time the application was filled out,
    • An analysis on how effective the item(s) or event was based on conditions outlined in the application and expanding to other considerations if necessary, and
    • Any other pertinent information
  • Violation of the rules pertaining to COSSA Granting, including falsified or incomplete reports, may impair a Member’s ability to obtain funding in the future from COSSA.
  • Absence from both COSSA Meetings in one academic term will be grounds for complete restriction of funding until the COSSA Member submits a report on steps taken to ensure attendance in the future.
  • Any funding that is not utilized at the termination of the activity shall be returned to the ISSS within one (1) month of the activity date.


All granting eligibility criteria and procedure are in accordance with the Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society’s Procedures Manual Section 18 – COSSA Granting. The Procedures Manual can be found here.

Please direct any questions regarding the COSSA Granting Application to the ISSS’ Vice President Community, Victoria Pham, at [email protected]


The ISSS Granting Committee reserves the right to refuse funds to any applicant that does not fully complete the application or satisfactorily demonstrate the merit of the activity according to the criteria outlined in the Granting Guideline document.