The ISSS is recruiting hardworking Science students to take part in the 2017-2018 Volunteer Program!

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What does an ISSS Volunteer do?

Depending on what you are interested in and the time of recruitment, there are many different opportunities for you.

  • Hourly commitment per week can range from 1-10 hours (completely up to you!)
  • Serve on smaller, focused ‘teams’ with Directors (ex. Public Relations Team, Academic Advocacy Team)
  • Serve on committees (ex. Finance Committee)
  • Attend ISSS events, meet new people and more!

All volunteers are required to adhere to the following expectations:

  • Attend a training session before partaking in any events,
  • Record all volunteer hours and submit them using the “ISSS Volunteer Hours Log Form” on BearsDen,
  • Access to email to receive information and correspondence from the Director of Volunteers, or the overseeing Director/Executive.