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Job / Internship

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1. Networking

  • McGill CaPS: Networking

    This resource introduces networking and outlines strategies to help you expand your network. Listen to the networking podcast for the complete package.
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  • McGill CaPS Social Networking Podcast

    This podcast builds your awareness of your electronic footprint and how it can affect your work search and provides tips on how to use your social network effectively.

2. Find Job opportunities and employers

CAPS The Workbook Course: Using the Internet to Find Work

*Create an account to access all CAPS Workbook courses.
This course will teach you how to use the internet effectively to look for work by creating effective search strings for search engines and providing information on different types of search engines.
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Find Employers

McGill CaPS: Research Employers and Target Organizations
This resource outlines the importance researching employers and provides useful links and tips for researching industries, organizations and positions.
More information here

Employer Directories


      Eluta lists top employers by region and other categories including a Career Directory for New Grads.

    • Environmental: ECO Canada Business Directory

    • Biotechnology and Life Sciences

      Canadian Life Sciences Database
      “On this site you have free access to a very comprehensive directory and information platform comprising data of Life Sciences and Biotechnology companies and institutes in Canada including company description, additional information and categorization.”
      Use it!

      Contact Canada
      Contact Canada is a Canadian industry database and portal that allows users to search for pharma and bio-pharma, medical technology, natural health product, renewable energy and clean technology companies.
      Use it!

      BioAlberta Members Directory
      Use it!

    • Science

      Canadian Association of Science Centres (CAG) Companies
      Search for science based companies by location and different categories.
      Use it! Lists major Canadian Science Research Centres
      Use it!

    • Check out CAPS Resource Centre (SUB 2-100) and Winspear Business Library for more employer directories in a variety of areas like community services, education and oil and gas.


Professional Associations

  • Environmental Sector

    ECO Canada
    ECO Canada provides a company directory and Canada’s largest environmental job board for environmental job seekers

    Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB)
    CECAB has a membership directory of environmental professionals and e newsletter for labor market information.

    Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA)
    ESAA provides a directory of member organizations, labor market information and a job board.

  • Biological Sciences

    Alberta Association of Professional Biologists
    American Institute of Biological Sciences
    Canadian Society of Zoologists

  • Chemistry

    American Chemical Society Click here
    Chemical Institute of Canada

  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

    Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences
    Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
    Geological Association of Canada

  • Math and Statistics

    Society for Industrial and Applied mathematics (SIAM)
    SIAM provides a job Board, online guide to math careers, internships, career related articles and illustrates how math applies to many other disciplines.

    Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

    American Mathematical Society (AMS)

    Statistical Society of Canada (SSC)
    SSC has job postings, an accreditation outline and professional development opportunities.

3. Job Opportunities

At the University of Alberta

With the Federal Government

General Non Profit Sector Jobs

Vertical Search Engines

  • CAPS Tipsheet: How to use vertical search engines
    Find this tipsheet in the CAPS Workbook Course: Using the Internet to Find Work
    *Create an account to access all CAPS Workbook courses.
    More Information [Click Here]
4. Resumes and Cover Letters

CAPS Resume Services

Whether you need an individualized critique of your existing resume (resume consultation), a free glance over (rapid resume review) or workshop (resume working group) to improve your resume, CAPS has the right services to meet your needs.
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McGill Cover Letter Writing Guide

This is a one stop guide to writing a cover letter targeted to your desired position, organization and industry.
Read it!
Listen to the podcast here.

McGill Resume Writing Guide

This one stop guide to writing a resume that reflects the best of your skills and abilities. It helps you to identify these skills required for a position and tailor your resume to match.
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Listen to the podcast.

5. Interviewing

CAPS: Mock Interview Consultation

Need some practice? CAPS can simulate your interview experience and give you feedback on your performance.
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McGill CaPS: Prepare for the Interview

The free guide and podcasts at the bottom of the page cover all aspects of interview preparation including different types of interviews, questions to expect, personal presentation and follow-up.
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