The Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society (ISSS) pronounced “Ice”, represents Science students to the University administration and the Students’ Union. We need to hear your story so that we can voice the collective concerns of Science students.
If you’re looking for an opportunity to get involved with us, or if you have any questions or comments about university, email us at [email protected].

What can we do for you? We rent out lockers, facilitate Mini Study Groups, and bring together one-on-one mentorship pairs with Student 2 Student. Our used book sales allow students to sell their textbooks from the previous semester and receive a greater percentage of the profits compared to the Bookstore and we co-ordinate with CAPS to bring you tailored career and professional development information. We offer subsidizes athletics, runs an at-cost printing service, provide Professional Development Grants and Scholarships.

The ISSS organizes events like the faculty reception BBQ, a Science-specific Orientation right before labs start called FROST. The highlights of our year are the annual Instructor Appreciation Night to recognize outstanding professors nominated by students and Science Week which is a week long event of competitions, give aways, Science speakers, and career and research sessions. Finally we host bar nights and a Graduation Banquet.

The ISSS is the official representative of science students. We meet regularly with members in the Dean’s office who are responsible for policy and practice related to undergraduate students. We’ve submitted a document that highlights key concerns of undergraduate students related to the Faculty of Science.

The ISSS is a student organization built by students for students. We always encourage student engagement, are always looking for volunteers, and exist to help you make the most out of your undergraduate degree

Keep it cool!