Financial Documents

Find out how the ISSS allocates and spends its money.

Base Budget

The 2017-2018 Base Budget is a conservative outline of approved expenses which occur in the same manner as the previous year. It is created over the summer by the incoming VPAF. The budget is then approved by the new ISSS Council in late May and at the Fall SAGM.

Operating Budget

The 2013-2014 Operating Budget is a document which outlines a year long estimation of revenues and expenses made by each portfolio. These projections have been approved by both Executive and Council bodies in July, and are currently awaiting approval at the 2013 Fall Semi-Annual General Meeting.

Current Income Statement

The income statement records all revenues and expenses. This is what the VPAF uses to create the budget for the year, to record amounts approved by Council and Executive bodies, and to keep track of actual revenues and expenses. View the most up-to-date Income Statement (Aug 31, 2013).

Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is used to get an overview of the long-term financial situation of the ISSS. View the current Balance Sheet (January 6, 2013) here.