Semi-Annual General Meetings (SAGMs) are meetings of the membership of the ISSS. If you are an undergraduate science student at the U of A, then you’re an ISSS member and you have a vote. With that vote, you have a voice.

SAGMs guide the ISSS in the short and long term. By attending, you can voice feedback, criticisms and comments, and review financial transactions and changes to governing documents. You have the power to remove Executive members and Councillors with the votes of two thirds of the attending members.

Fall SAGM Agenda:


SAGMs are held once each Fall and Winter semester on the last Mondays of September and January.

SAGM Links

SAGM Documents for the latest SAGM minutes.

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Fall 2016 SAGM MinutesClick to view
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Fall 2014 SAGM MinutesClick to view
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AgendaClick to view
Procedures Manual ChangesClick to view
Constitutional ChangesClick to view
Current Income Statement (Dec 31, 2013)Click to view
Budgeted Year End Income StatementClick to view
CRC Report
Fall 2013 SAGM MinutesClick to view